• Recycling is more than an action,
    it is the responsibility to preserve
    our natural resources!
    That is why we count on the best technology
    and a qualified team for band selection
    and compacting of these materials.
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We are a company dedicated 100%

to recycling PET bottles.

  • Post-Industrial
  • Post-Consumer


Our Mission

Constantly innovate in technology to collect re-usable materials, in order to support the preservation of the environment, ensuring the incorporation of recovered resins in different production areas.


Our Vision

For 2016, Ibacarcol aims to be one of the most important nation wide companies that collects PET material, working in conjuction with other industries that utilize PET resin, and reach international recognition.


Our Goal

Our goal is to Increase our production efficiency to the point that for the year 2015 we are collecting an average of 500 tons of material a month.

Who we are

We were born in 2010 in the city of Bogotá.

Currently our facilities are located in the Fontibon neighborhood
From the beginning, we have been part of the Enka project, a strategic Alliance with CooperEnka-Enka who has now become EKORED; a company responsible for collecting PET bottles for ENKA of Colombia.
Ibacarcol has been responsible for collecting over 2000 tons of PET a year in Bogotá for the Enka Project, and over 700 tons for other projects.

We love the environment and want to improve it

We present a net benefit of of 1.5 tons of C02 equivalent per recycled ton, this way we avoid 1.5 tons of C02.

  • PET

  • post-consumer

  • post-industrial

  • a Better planet

Our work team

Our team is composed by two areas: operational and administrative.

In the first area consists of a group of a highly skilled crew that collect, select and compress PET materials.
The second area consists of qualified and innovative personnel with senior experience in the plastic processing section.

Our team is the team that your company needs!


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