¿What is PET?

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family and is used in synthetic fibers; beverage, food and other liquid containers; thermoforming applications; and engineering resins often in combination with glass fiber. The majority of the world's PET production is for synthetic fibers and bottle production.

Why recycle PET bottles?

PET is an economical and environmentally friendly option. Ibacarcol recycles the material with the purpose of re-integrating it in a new productive cycle as raw material.

It is one of the materials commonly used in the bottling and packaging industry because of its particular properties that favor distribution, storage, and presentation of diverse products.
Derived from high levels of consumption of these products, it also has large quantities of waste.


Not having been in contact with toxic substances such as hazardous chemicals, pathogenic bacteria or dangerous waste.

Must not have deteriorated mechanical properties.

Remove food residue, liquid and foreign objects are inside of the bottles.

Guide to identify PET bottles

How to recognize PET?

Visually recognized by the recycling symbol with the number 1, and the base has a dot in the center (see photo).
polymer: 1 PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Initial Appearance: Milky white, transparent and bright.
Identification 1 PET
Burns: burns in the flame, goes out in the absence of the flame.
Flame Color: Reddish yellow, orange yellow.
Smoke smell: Aromatic sweet - fruity odor.
Smoke color: Black smoke.
Others: Drips and burns while removed from flame.
Appearance at the end of combustion

PET Identification by color

Selection specifications for the purchase of PET.

The specifications given in the section below, are part of the quality control for the purchase and sale of PET material. Depending on the type of selection, the payment will be made for the same.

Remember visually identify bottles with the symbol 1 of PET, or that the base has a dot in the center. The label may be made of PVC, PET, PP, EP, PAPER.

Selection 1

• Transparent and clear blue PET

• Green PET.

• Amber PET.

• Clear PET cooking oil bottles

Selection 2

• Transparent and clear blue.

• Green, clear blue and clear clear cooking oil bottles.

Selection 3

• Clear, green, amber
and cooking oil bottles